About Us

PT. Agronusa Berkah Jaya is a trading company and commodity supply which includes agricultural and plantation products.

Started its trading business activities independently since 2018. To accommodate trade on a wider scale and to meet the demands of buyers between countries, currently PT. Agronusa Berkah Jaya is

officially a Limited Liability Company since February 2020.

In the early period of 2018 the co-founder of PT. Agronusa Berkah Jaya has been trading independently in several regions in Indonesia.

It started from an interest in konjac tubers which was considered guite unique and had a lucrative business potential.

Until the end of 2019, more than 20 times Trans-regional delivery of Konjac Chips and Spices products has been recorded. From this, Came the idea to build the company to facilitate the trading and commodity supply between regions and export trade.